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An excellent event across a variety of topical subjects
Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants

This website contains information relating to the 2015 event. To be informed as soon as details on the 2016 conference are available please complete a remind me form here

Structured Products
is pleased to announce its 11th annual Structured Products Europe conference on 19 November, which will bring together top UK and European senior executives from investment banks, regulators, private bankers, issuers, index providers, asset managers, IFAs, pension funds and insurance companies and provide a unique opportunity to convene and discuss the most pressing issues in the structured products Pan-European market.

The annual conference will bring together leading senior investment specialists to discuss the following topics:

  • PRIIPs regulation and impact on the structured products market in the EU
  • The implications of the Financial Stability Board's proposals to boost banks' total loss absorbing capacity (TLAC)
  • Clients education: Approaching the appropriateness and suitability topic 
  • Future innovation and trends in indexing and index investing
  • Pricing, valuation and risk 
  • Marketing structured products
  • Product stress testing
  • ISSUER'S PERSPECTIVE: Forward looking expectations for the various strategies 
  • BUY-SIDE PERSPECTIVE: Where do structured notes fit relatively to other asset classes?


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