Structured Products Europe

17 November 2016

08.30 Registration

08.50 CHAIRMAN'S OPENING REMARKS: Eric Greschner, Managing Partner, Regatta Research & Money Management

09.00 KEYNOTE ADDRES: Challenges and opportunities facing the structured products industry. Adapting to a world of rapidly evolving regulatory requirements, clients expectations and market conditions

Jérémie Vuillard, Director, Group Head of Advisory, Societe Generale Hambros

09.30 PANEL: Update on PRIIPS - what will happen next?

  • Is Priips likely to be delayed in light of the recent RTS rejection?
  • The overall impact of PRIIPs on the market: issuance volumes, distribution patterns, investor attitudes to SPs
  • The effectiveness of the risk ratings system
  • Which outstanding questions need to be answered before the regime (Priips) goes live?
  • How lenient will regulators be for non-compliance?

Moderator: Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants

Mathias Strasser, CEO, WallStreetDocs (WSD)

Peter Green, Partner, Morrison & Foerster

Arno Wilhelm, Head of Regulatory Document Competence Centre, SIX

Tim Shakesby, Principal Expert, EIOPA - joining remotely



  • Implementation of MiFID II in different contexts - different stances in different countries
  • Lessons learnt in BeNeLux and UK in relation to commissions
  • Mifid and product governance - What does this mean for product manufacturers?

Moderator: Philip Alexander, Regulation Editor,

Marc van Efferen, Senior Supervision Officer, Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)
Guillaume Berard, Advisor, The Financial Services and Markets Authority (Belgium)

10.30 Knowledge café and networking break

Coffee and refreshments will be served on our new discussion tables that will allow you to talk in depth over the latest opportunities and challenges for structured products investors.
1. MIFID II AND STRUCTURED PRODUCTS: Led by Andreas Widegren, Head of Structured Products, Swedish Securities Dealers Association
2. INTRODUCING NEW TECHNOLOGY: Led by David Wood, Managing Director, Head of Electronic Business, Société Générale
3. FOCUS ON VALUATION: Led by Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants
4. PRIIPS IMPLEMENTATION: Led by Mathias Strasser, CEO, WallStreetDocs (WSD)
5. IMPROVING OFFSHORE STRUCTURED PRODUCTS: Led by Andrej Ogorevc, Head of Structured Products, Old Mutual Wealth


Stream A

Stream B


ROUNDTABLE: Educating the industry and improving the image of structured products

  • How to raise awareness of structured products?
  • Helping the industry to achieve regulatory standards
  • Developing best practice among issuers and providers
  • How are we improving the image of structured products among investors?
  • Consolidation in the industry; mergers and integrations
  • Further internationalisation
  • What new players are entering the arena and existing ones going to new territories?

Moderator: Eric Greschner, Managing Partner, Regatta Research & Money Management

Dario Savoia, President, ACEPI (Italian Association of certificate and investment products)

Andreas Widegren, Head of Structured Products, Swedish Securities Dealers Association

Thomas Wulf, Secretary-General, Eusipa

11:50 FOCUS ON BUY-SIDE: Assessing the role of structured products in your portfolio

  • What is the appetite for SPs? Has it changed over last 5 years?
  • Do you feel comfortable to have an independent valuation?
  • Product selection process: What types of structures are you looking for?
  • What is your firm's approximate allocation to structured notes and how does it compare to other asset classes?

Moderator: Michelle Bates, Head of Structured Products, UK & Jersey , UBS Wealth Management

Keith Jordan, Head of Structured Products, Bank of Ireland Private Banking

Mark Fuller, Head of Structured Products, Mattioli Woods

Staffan Beckett, Sales - Founder, Nord Fondkommission

MORRISON AND FOERSTER BOOTCAMP: Structured Products and Brexit
The bootcamp will explore the impact of the UK's referendum vote to leave the UK on the European structured products markets. The timing of the UK's exit from the EU and future relationship between the UK and the rest of the EU remains uncertain and the bootcamp will provide and update on recent developments. Other issues to be considered will include:

  • What impact has the vote had on the structured products market in the UK and the rest of the EU to date and what is the future outlook?
  • Have any particular products benefitted or been adversely affected more than others?
  • Passporting issues that will arise as a result of the UK's exit from the EU. Can MiFID II help?
  • Will the UK replicate PRIIPs after leaving the EU?
  • Impact on other relevant EU financial regulation including the Benchmark Regulation, the Prospectus Directive and EMIR
  • Future developments - will the UK and the EU approach to regulation of structured products diverge over time?

Peter Green, Partner, Morrison & Foerster
Jeremy Jennings-Mares, Partner, Morrison & Foerster

12:30  Lunch


FOCUS ON INNOVATION: Overview of the latest structures and products in the current investment environment

  • What does innovation look like in the current environment?
  • Product set in low interest high volatility markets
  • Development in the retail fixed income product set
  • Will regulation crimp innovation?
  • How are advisers innovating to stay relevant with the advance of robo-advisers in the market?

Moderator: Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants

Brian Carey, Head of Business Development & Member of BCP Investment Committee, BCP Asset Management

Steve Lamarque, Founding Partner, Hilbert Investment Solutions

Ilkka Vakevainen Director, Structured Debt Investments, Taaleri Wealth Management

Technological advances on the SP market

  • What are the clients looking for when using a platform - User experience
  • Platform capabilities and flexibility with underlyings, structures, risk profile
  • Creating bespoke products using bank platforms
  • Managing the trade lifecycle (pre trade, execution and post trade)
  • What further developments and new features can be added

David Wood, Managing Director, Head of Electronic Business, Société Générale


Retail / professionally advised UK structured products market: background and performance analysis

  • Long term evolution and positive advances of the UK structured products sector
  • Facts regarding the sector, its performance and its value
  • Granular analysis of performance provides empirical evidence re the efficacy of structured products

Chris Taylor, Global Head of Structured Products, Alpha Structured Products

PRESENTATION: Risk, return and beyond: structured products and their value to your portfolio

  • Asymmetric instruments call for a specific quantification of risk and reward
  • Behavioral finance looks beyond mean/variance for good reasons
  • Added value of structured products in optimised portfolios
  • Asymmetric instruments take diversification to a higher level

Jürgen Vandenbroucke, Head of Innovation and Creation, KBC Asset Management NV


14:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Marketing structured products

  • How to raise awareness of SPs?
  • Are we ever going to have a bigger market share?
  • Do we need to use external marketing advice?
  • What are the best approaches to marketing structured products? How do you position different structured products to different audiences?
  • What are investors largest concerns as it relates to structured notes?

Moderator: James Chu, Director, Head of Markets & Investments, Reyker

Thomas Wulf, Secretary-General, Eusipa
Chris Taylor, Global Head of Structured Products, Alpha Structured Products
David Stevenson, Investment Week and FT columnist, Editor at Portfolio Review

15.20 Afternoon Break

15.50 PANEL: Risk & Return profile of structured products

  • Are they immune from losses arising from market movements?
  • What were the returns in the past and how do they compare to other assets?
  • How do you identify which structured products fit best in your portfolio?
  • What analysis will help to identify what products are good for return?
  • Product assessment - analysing risk/return profile of a number of pre-chosen products by our expert panel

Moderator: Eric Greschner, Managing Partner, Regatta Research & Money Management

Shakhista Mukhamedova, Fund Research Analyst, Brewin Dolphin

Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants

Mikael Axelsson, CEO, Garantum Fondkommission AB

16.30 EDITORIAL CLOSING ROUNDTABLE: Outlook for European SP market

  • The impact of the Priips delay: likely revisions of the level ii text; market readiness; interplay with Mifid
  • What does the persistent low rate environment in Europe mean for issuers?
  • Uncertain macro conditions and investor appetite for different products
  • Trump's victory and prospect of US regulatory repeal: TLAC; the DOL's fiduciary duty rules; Section 871m

Moderator: Tom Osborn, Editor, Structured Products
Jaime Uribe Arango, Co-Head Financial Institutional Sales, Commerzbank AG
Julien Lascar, Head of Sales Europe (ex-France) for Cross Asset Solutions, Société Générale

Azad Mahavar, Head of equity derivatives sales UK, Nordics and CEEMEA, BNP Paribas

17:10 CHAIRMAN'S CLOSING REMARKS followed by drinks reception


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