Chairman's opening remarks
Tim Mortimer
, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants


 Keynote address: European market update and global trends

Dr James Chu
, Director of Markets & Investments, Reyker


Panel discussion: Buy-side best practice

  • How can structured products be integrated into modern portfolio theory?
  • Evolving risk and return profiles of structured products
  • Active vs. passive asset management
  • Distribution models: Is the increase in indices and underlyings a positive development?

Moderator: Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants
Chris Taylor
, Global Head of Structured Products, Tempo Structured Products
Michelle Bates, Head of Structured Products - UK & Jersey, UBS Wealth Management
Lorraine Zafrani, Global Head of Structured Asset Management, AXA Investment Managers
Andrej Ogorevc, Head of Structured Products, Old Mutual Wealth


Morning break


 Panel discussion: Negotiating the regulatory landscape

  • Preparing for PRIIPS and assessing level of understanding of KIDS before it goes live
  • How has PRIIPS implementation differed in different markets?
  • What does MIFID II mean for manufacturers in terms of product governance? What are the issues that still remain unclear?
  • Regulatory scrutiny of proprietary indices and financial benchmarks regulation
  • Is there too much regulation, and what are the alternatives?

Moderator: Philip Alexander, Regulation Editor, Risk.net
Mikael Axelsson, CEO, Garantum
Nicholas Soerensen, VP & Business Manager, Deutsche Bank
Casper Hoekstra, Senior Supervision Officer, Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets
Mark Aldous, Managing Director, Delta Capita


 Risk and return: The role of structured products in your portfolio

  • How asymmetric instruments call for a specific quantification of risk and reward
  • Looking beyond mean/variance in behavioural finance
  • Portfolio optimisation and diversification
  • Are SPs immune from losses arising from market movements?
  • What were the returns in the past and how do they compare to other assets?
  • How do you identify which structured products fit best in your portfolio?
  • What analysis will help to identify what products are good for return?

David Stuff, CEO, Cube Investing




Product innovation: The emergence of SP funds

  • Comparing Structured Product plans with Structured Products within a Fund
  • How both are sold, who buys them, main differences
  • Which is easier to understand - Structured Product Funds or individual plans?
  • Should clients trust a structured product fund manager or rely on their own research and invest in an individual plan?
  • How much should clients pay to invest in a fund vs a plan?
  • What return should you set for a fund or a plan? What is a "reasonable" target?
  • Why a structured product fund might not be the right solution for all clients/investors
  • Why both funds and structured product plans can co-exist

Mark Fuller, Head of Structured Products, Mattioli Woods

The role of technology in driving change

  • What do clients want and need from a platform?
  • Assessing the capabilities of various platforms and the extent to which they offer flexibility with structures and underlyings
  • How technology is changing the market, sales processes, and the education levels of advisors
  • Ongoing trends for boutique providers offering specialist products and multi issuers OTCs
  • To what extent will retail banking technology drive investment banking?
  • How Big Data will drive change product design and delivery
  • AI and robo advice - what will happen next?
  • How might the structured product market benefit?
  • Increasing efficiency in post-trade processing, auditing and regulatory reporting
  • Hosting smart contracts - facilitating, verifying and enforcing terms of contracts
  • Does distributed ledger technology spell the end for clearers?
  • Is a consensus emerging about how to best deploy this technology?

Mats Halvorsen, CEO, SIP Nordic


SP Surgery: An interactive session where a selection of individual products are examined and assessed, considering pricing, value, risk and returns

Led by: Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants

Evaluating proprietary indices and calculating their value

  • Factor-based and smart beta indices to support reduced fees and customised offerings
  • Risk premia strategies to generate absolute returns and outperform the market
  • Building your own proprietary indices based on a set of rules-based methodologies
  • Regulatory uncertainty, governance and information requirements

Chris Taylor, Global Head of Structured Products, Tempo Structured Products


Effective marketing and advertising of SPs

  • What's been the impact of regulation and ETFs on SPs market share?
  • Positioning different products for different target audiences
  • Understanding and responding to the concerns of investors
  • Should we turn to external marketing advice to increase market share?
  • Learning from retail banking in terms of customer service, information sharing and automation
  • Social media - time to embrace?

Thomas Wulf, Secretary General, EUSIPA
Nicholas Soerensen, VP & Business Manager, Deutsche Bank

Live interview

Lukas Becker, Derivatives Editor at Risk.net interviewing Timothy Hailes, Chair, Joint Association Committee on Structured Products considering a range of issues from compliance to product innovation.


Afternoon break


Panel discusison: Exploring challenges and opportunities for the sell-side

  • To what extent will PRIIPS and KIDS actually benefit the client?
  • Controlling the costs of compliance
  • Primary vs. secondary market trading
  • In a low interest rate marketplace, what are the implications for manufacturers?
  • Structured products and their value in your portfolio: asymmetric instruments, diversification and optimised portfolios
  • Evaluating the options for pricing

Moderator: Tim Mortimer, Managing Director, Future Value Consultants
Timothy Hailes, Chair, Joint Association Committee on Structured Products
Fredrik Bonthron, Managing Director, Swedish Structured Products Association
Erik Vynckier, Partner, InsurTech Venture Partners & Board Member, Foresters Friendly Society
Daniel Hernandez, Head of EMC E-Connectivity Solutions, Commerzbank


 PANEL: What does the future look like - meet the winner of SP Awards to find out...

  • Within the bigger picture of investment, where do structured products fit?
  • How will that change in the next 5-10 years? 
  • Market structure: Mapping the barriers to market, and considering the requirements for successfully entering the market
  • Defining allocation strategies in a Trump and Brexit world


 Chairman's closing address


End of conference and cocktail reception